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Karcag is the most populous settlement of the Nagykunság region, with almost 20,000 enthusiasts, in the county of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok. Jews have been living here and in the surrounding settlements since 1848. The Jewish Community of Karcag was founded in 1855, the first rabbi of Karcag was Márk Hirsch (Friss), who served in Tiszabő village from 1859. From 1869, Schüch Salamon became the rabbi of Karcag, who served here for 48 years, until 1917. The synagogue was designed by Bolgár Blaum and built between 1898-99. Before the Holocaust, a Jewish community of about 800 people lived in the city, due to the Holocaust, only a few Jewish families live here.
Visit the synagogue and admire this beautiful building!

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