Kisvárda syanagogue – virtual tour

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Welcome to the synagogue in Kisvárda!
The first Jewish religious community was founded in Kisvárda, which currently has around 16-17 thousand inhabitants, in 1796. Kisvárda had 4,703 inhabitants in 1871, of which 1,824 were Roman Catholics, 1,328 Jews, 1,166 Lutherans, 384 Greek Catholics and one Unitarian. The data show how quickly the number of Jews grew in 100 years. The significant number of people justified the construction of a new synagogue: the synagogue that still stands today was built in 1901-1902, designed by the architect Ferenc Grósz. During the Second World War, about 7,000 Jews lived in the city, 90 percent of them were killed in the Holocaust.
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