Baja Synagogue – virtual tour

How to use the virtual tour?

Welcome to the former synagogue in Baja, the Endre Ady City Library! This is one of the most beautiful listed buildings in Baja, built in late classicist style between 1842-1845. It was built on one of the highest points of the city, so its size is even more pronounced. On the virtual walk, you can see the beautiful interior of the library, which reminds of the former sacred function of the building.
Click on a walk to start. Each walk starts in front of the building, in virtual space. If it is possible, we walk around it first, then we enter to see the spaces inside. To walk through a tour, you will have to click through the highlighted spots, from which texts and pictures will pop up. The spots come in a linear, thematic sequence. On the opening page of each virtual walk there is a chart on which you can look up the spaces to be visited. To get a better experience, we recommend that you use a tablet or a laptop or desktop computer, rather than a smartphone. On the page of each walk, there is a menu on the right, where you can find the synagogue’s address and the relevant contact details, may access a knowledge base, and find links to further online resources. We hope you will enjoy exploring.

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